Renovating Bathroom

5 Things to Know Before Renovating Your Bathroom in Cork Ireland

We all know the importance of a clean bathroom. But did you also realize how important it can be for your mood? Here at Cork Designer Bathrooms, we have put together some tips on making sure that each time spent in there is an enjoyable experience!

When you’re looking for a bathroom remodel/ bathroom renovating, the process can seem overwhelming. At Cork Designer Bathrooms we make it easy and stress-free with our fast turnaround time!

We know that a bathroom renovation in Cork Ireland is an important and stressful process. That’s why our team will be with you throughout the whole thing, from design to installation! We want your new space in impeccable condition so it can become just what YOU need for all of life’s moments – personal grooming sessions as well as guest visits or family gatherings alike

The members on this level assure clients not only does their project come out beautifully but also makes them feel taken care off while achieving perfectionist standards every step along way.


The design plan will include every aspect from the sink to shower tiles and drawers in between. Once you receive this, it’s important that everything be completed accordingly or else unexpected issues may arise down the line when they’re being installed

A correctly drawn out blueprint ensures a successful renovation process by ensuring all areas are properly attended-to during installation


When designing the perfect vanity unit, don’t be afraid to make a statement. The skimp on features with plenty of storage and large mirrors will give you all that your heart desires!


When it comes to bathroom remodeling/ bathroom renovating, remember that storage is key. A large walk-in shower might seem like a great idea at first but you may regret cutting out your recessed shelves later on if they’re not installed during construction and the Cork Designer Bathrooms always ensure their customers put in plenty of room for all those essentials!


Trends come and go, but your bathroom should have a timeless feel. While you may be tempted to add trendy mirror or lighting fixtures in order change up the space every few years (especially if it’s not working), make sure that any updates will only enhance its appearance instead of throwing off all balance by changing something too drastically–and potentially needing another refurbishment later down line!

Think eco-friendly. Our designers won’t only install bathrooms that are good for your environment, they’ll remove the existing one and dispose of materials in an environmentally friendly manner!

Call the experts

The perfect bathroom awaits you, but it will require a little help from our team. No matter what type of design or function is desired for your new space – we have got it covered!