Cost of renovating bathroom Ireland

What Is the Cost of Renovating the Bathroom in Ireland?

The design of your bathroom will impact the price, which might vary considerably. Of course, a bespoke design that perfectly complements the space will cost more than a ready-made plan, but it might be challenging to determine what you’re getting for your money.

An interior designer can highlight the cost of renovating bathroom Ireland with a bathroom remodel and provide guidance on creating an appropriate budget.

It might not be as expensive to install a new bathroom in Ireland as you once believed. The cost to renovate a bathroom in Ireland could range between €7,000 and €12,000, depending on your preferences. Your goal may be to wow yourself and your guests by installing a new main bathroom, downstairs toilet, or en suite.

We advise hiring pros if you want your perfect bathroom design ideas sketched out for you. However, there is no need to employ pricey outside services because our services are reasonably priced. You can choose not to use the 3-D design if you can’t afford it, even if it is crucial for simply comprehending what you want.
The length of the renovation process is a burning topic on everyone’s mind. It’s crucial to remember that the size of your bathroom renovation project will impact how long it takes to complete.

When preparing for a bathroom makeover, more is involved than first appears. While a complete bathroom makeover or overhaul might take several weeks, a simple bathroom design refresh is primarily aesthetic and will take less time. Here is a quick checklist for bathroom renovations to help you decide what kind of project you are taking on:

  • * A minor bathroom design update will take about 30 days.
    * Vanity or faucet replacement
    * Modernize the shower plumbing
    * Change the light fittings and wall sconces on the vanity.
    * Apply wallpaper, paint, or new ornamental elements.
    * Include more attractive storage

Step by Step Process

You may start your remodelling once you have a plan, equipment, and materials. The basic renovations most people perform in their bathrooms are outlined in the step-by-step renovation guide.

Before starting: For the most significant outcomes, ensure that you have expertise dealing with plumbing or that someone is with you who does full or partial bathroom renovations, which need you to work with your home’s plumbing. You don’t want to unintentionally break any plumbing in your house or end up needing to hire an emergency plumber because of broken pipes or other errors.

The process of redesigning a bathroom is often seen by many as being most fascinating during demolition. However, doing it without adequate forethought might prove disastrous.

Ensure you first turn off the electricity and water supply to the room’s toilet, sink, shower, and bathtub. Avoid damaging any features that you will indeed require in the future.


You may begin installing your new flooring after preparing your subfloor. Although tile is the most popular bathroom flooring option, you may want to think about laminate or vinyl because they are more readily available and easier to install yourself.

If you decide to use tile, draw reference lines perpendicular (at a 90-degree angle) to the wall with the longest continuous streak using a mason’s chalk line. This will enable you to arrange your tiles throughout the space straight. Visit this page for further advice on bathroom tile installation.